Your physical environment matters more than you think

Now it looks too “lifeless” to me

Mental Clarity

When working in a clean and organized room, it’s easier to remain focused as your mind is clear. I’m able to think better and clearly when I slow down and remain in that clean vicinity of my organized room.

Saves time

Wait, so you’re saying if I use my time to clean my environment and make it aligned, it’ll save time. But the process of cleaning it takes time, what about that?”

Reduces stress

I don’t know about you, but I feel a bit overwhelmed around super cluttered spaces. It’s easy to find yourself in a place of increased frustration and stress.

How to have a ‘good’ environment?

You might have noticed I mentioned “clean” and “organized” more than I mentioned “good environment”. Because those words are my definition of a “good” environment. Maybe it could mean having a wall full of pictures for you, or maybe it could mean having everything of a single colour, or maybe, it could mean something so good I can’t even imagine as of now.



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Waris Hussain

Waris Hussain

I'm a User Experience Designer, a curious soul always keen to learn as much as possible. Here to share what I've learnt and get better at life.