My Perspective at a Startup: Starting to Acquisition

Waris Hussain
5 min readNov 15, 2023
My Perspective at a Startup: Starting to Acquisition Waris Hussain Career Hackers

It all began with a message from my trusted mentor, Jackie Nevins, who mentioned a new venture led by Isaac Morehouse. A company with a unique approach, offering a Swiss Army knife of opportunities. CareerHackers, a one-stop-shop for job seekers, was on the horizon. The prospect intrigued me, and I decided to reach out to Isaac.

Within days, I found myself engaged in a conversation with him. We discussed my journey, my experiences, and the driving force behind CareerHackers. It was clear; this was more than just a company. It was a media platform dedicated to helping job seekers find their dream careers in an unconventional way. As someone who had immersed himself in this world for the past year, I was sold on the concept.

My Perspective at a Startup: Starting to Acquisition Waris Hussain Career Hackers

After our initial conversation, I was determined to contribute value, even if I didn’t secure a position.
I crafted a value proposition: a content management system, complete with sample blogs and posts.
The response was swift and affirmative. I was on board, becoming an integral part of the team, all within days of the company’s formation.

Starting Out

Our team was small but full of potential: Isaac Morehouse, the visionary founder behind Praxis, Crash, and numerous other successful ventures. Joel Bein, a seasoned professional with three years of experience at Crash and an unwavering dedication to develop tools for job hunters. And me, a curious designer and marketer with a keen eye for business.

Our initial goal was to refine the basic website Isaac had constructed before my arrival. We aimed to enhance the user experience and build a robust repository of content. Many of the philosophies aligned with those of Isaac’s other ventures, Praxis and Crash. As a bootcamp participant at Praxis, I was well-versed in the philosophy behind these companies.

Every Tuesday, we’d gather around the whiteboard, brainstorming ideas and strategies. The rest of the week was dedicated to executing our plans. Isaac’s creativity knew no bounds. His insights were invaluable, including the brilliant idea of showcasing an array of career resources, from books and podcasts to coaches and bootcamps.

We took it a step further by reaching out to these resources, simply to express our admiration and inform them that CareerHackers had featured them on our website. The response was incredible. Many of these influential figures graciously shared our content on their social media platforms, some boasting followings in the hundreds of thousands.
Here is one of those responses:

One of the responses from our growth-hacking. Subsequently, CareerHackers established a collaboration with Corey Haines! (View the tweet here)

The above was just one of the many strategies we pursued.
Our journey was a testament to experimentation, strategic decision-making, and unwavering commitment to endeavors that yielded results.
We indulged in a lot of growth-hacking and a dedication to nurturing what proved successful by doubling down on what worked.

Challenges and Growth

Challenges were abundant, a result of the diverse tasks we tackled simultaneously. Joel contrasted it to juggling multiple balls, careful not to let any slip. But this also meant I was never bored — there was always something exciting going on!

We had a lot of small things on our plate, each with the potential to slip through the cracks. This constant juggling act demanded focus and attention to detail - traits we cultivated as we went along.

Significant Milestones

Our journey at CareerHackers was marked by significant milestones:

  • The growth of our newsletter. (Hitting 200k+ subs)
  • The transition of leadership, with Isaac appointing Joel as CEO. This move brought us closer, and we began working in seamless harmony.
  • The launch of our event series, starting with “Supercharge Your Career,” featuring prominent speakers and attracting over a thousand registrants. This marked the beginning of numerous successful events.
My Perspective at a Startup: Starting to Acquisition Waris Hussain Career Hackers
  • The inception of bootcamp partnerships, initially a collaborative and free endeavor that soon evolved into a significant revenue source.
My Perspective at a Startup: Starting to Acquisition Waris Hussain Career Hackers
Bootcamp partnerships
  • Surprisingly, we achieved profitability in the third month of our company’s establishment.
  • We expanded our team, brining aboard talented additions: Alex Harvey and Shannon Bisceglia.
Team synergy in action: Shannon, Me, Joel, and Alex.
  • My initial six-month contract was extended, and today, we continue to thrive, boasting 20 months of continuous progress.

The Next Phase: Acquisition

The prospect of acquisition loomed large, and I was fortunate to witness the entire process, from inception to completion. We initiated discussions and began crafting the pitch deck. Isaac created the initial deck, and as the designer, it fell upon me to enhance its visual appeal.

The acquisition process spanned several months, and finally, the deal was sealed, and Wasabi Ventures emerged as the new custodian of CareerHackers. Their robust portfolio of media companies and the talented team made the transition seamless. While Isaac and Joel tackled the legalities, I helped onboard the new team and ensured a smooth transition. We sold the company precisely 12 months after its inception.

My involvement continued, leading to a pivotal moment in my journey. Initially, the new team had envisioned my role solely within CareerHackers for a short span. However, the positive reception of my work prompted them to expand my involvement to various other media companies under Wasabi Ventures, eventually integrating me into the broader scope of the Authority Media Group, a division dedicated to managing all media entities.
My responsibilities encompassed marketing and operations for a portfolio of brands, including GutHealth, SecureYourFinances, SyncUp, and, of course, CareerHackers.

Today, I see myself as part of the journey, witnessing the company’s evolution from its inception to its acquisition. It’s a story marked by growth, adaptability, and the dedication of many. I’m grateful to have been a part of CareerHackers’ journey, watching it thrive — an enduring testament to our team’s resilience and the enduring vision we all shared.



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