My Most Powerful tools

I started my project with brainstorming on my favourite tool

Here’s how:

  • I started off by defining the problem I’m solving.
  • Then I worked on my solution statement, which would act as my north star, guiding me at every point of the project.
  • I listed out every idea I have for the application, and every feature I’m thinking of, along with their reasons.
  • Then I listed out everything I need to do during the project and what major things I need to work on.
  • Then with all this information in hand, I created an organization system to help me stay on track during the entire month.
  • I worked on user research by drafting questions and ideas I’d like to discuss, (you guessed it right), on paper!
  • I started ideation and brainstorming ideas in my plain white notebook.
  • I designed low fidelity, quickly hand-drawn wireframes in my notebook and judged which ideas need to go for the next level (i.e, software).



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Waris Hussain

Waris Hussain

I'm a User Experience Designer, a curious soul always keen to learn as much as possible. Here to share what I've learnt and get better at life.