How to design and publish an app without a single line of code

The Design Process

The project was a Product Design. The product is an application.

Final design of my app

Publishing the app with no-code

There are two parts to any website/app-

  • Back end

To understand this,

When you place an order on Amazon, what you see is the website/app, all the buttons, the pages, all the items listed out in an understandable manner.
But what you don’t see is what happens behind those easy-to-understand interfaces, those buttons and tabs.
Once you click the “Add to Cart” button, the back-end, or the computer sends a message to Amazon’s servers that you, a particular user, has demanded to add that particular seller’s particular product to his cart. Then the servers respond to it by collecting the relevant information from a database and executing the operation.

Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio is a no-code tool that allows you to publish your Figma design files to the app store (Both Apple and Google App Stores).

To understand this, here’s an example from my app:

There’s a page in my app for a particular charity. This page lays down information about a charity. It contains the name of the charity, a picture, the charity’s website URL, a body of text with details about the charity and a link to charity’s donation page.

how I’m connecting backend to frontend without code


Once you have connected all the back end to the front end elements, you’re ready to ship your design to the app store!

  • Apple iOS App Store



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