How I’m supervising myself

Waris Hussain
2 min readSep 8, 2021

I’m all in for being a “solopreneur” and “being your own boss”. In fact, I’m in the middle of a month-long project where I’m designing an application in 30 days, and I’m doing it all by myself.

The idea of the project originates from a lack in the market. Many charities have their websites. Some have applications as well. But people find it hard having most of the charities on a single platform. And that’s exactly what my project is — to create an app where people can browse cause-based charities and donate to them. For this project, I’m my own supervisor and managing myself.

Some of the advantages of working under someone is that you get a supervisor to-

  • direct you,
  • guide you,
  • give feedback to you,
  • tell you when you’re doing something wrong,
  • manage your work
  • schedule your work

And the list goes on and on and on.

Having a supervisor to manage your work is awesome. And that’s one of those things you miss when you’re all on your own. It’s actually helpful for your own personal growth, learning and personality development, but having a supervisor has its perks.

But guess what? You can be your own supervisor! You can manage your own work, guide yourself, set your own deadlines and parameters. You can, and have to manage yourself for the most effective work!

How do you do that?

By creating systems to manage yourself. And being sincere with these systems.

I created a system for myself that helps me stay organized, gain clarity on my goal and helps me stay on track, motivates me to do better on my goals and achieve them faster.

I’m going to build an entire app and for that, I need to be as organized as possible. And Notion is helping me do that. I created an organisation system in Notion and Todoist.

Here’s my walkthrough of what exactly is my documentation system -

With these tools and systems in my backpocket, I’ve started working on creating the application in 30 days. Follow along here!



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