How I wrote a book in 30 days

Our book. Get it on Amazon here

Weekly breakdown

Week 1

Week 1 started with organization and lots and lots of planning.

Week 2

At the start of Week 2, we had these two goals in mind — to write as much as possible and to start promotion. If we wrote maximum content here, we could save time for promotion later in the second half.

Week 3

Having that productive workflow to write was really helping us, we didn’t have much problem in writing, but we needed to research the marketing of the book.

Week 4

The book was published. It’s available on Amazon. But the project isn’t finished here. We had to market it and sell it.

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Things I learned

Publishing a book is not just writing, but a lot of things come into the equation.

Final words

It’s been an incredible journey these past 4 weeks in trying to co-author the book.



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Waris Hussain

Waris Hussain

I'm a User Experience Designer, a curious soul always keen to learn as much as possible. Here to share what I've learnt and get better at life.