Creating a Charity App in 30 days without code

Waris Hussain
3 min readSep 10, 2021

I am dedicating the month of September to create an application for helping people have a better experience donating to charities.

We all want to do something for the greater good. Something that’s selfless, kind and generous and brings an impact on this world.

Donating to charities is a simple and effective way to achieve this. Unfortunately, there are a few problems people face when donating to charities. People only know a few charities and when they hop on to Google to find more charities, what they find is charities with the best SEO. Google rankings come into play there.

People want to do good and donate to charities but this current system makes it hard for them to donate to a variety of charities, especially smaller, lesser-known ones. My goal is to make it easy and simple for them.

Making people’s lives simpler is my life motto. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with a month-long project.

I’ll be creating an application that allows people to explore cause-based charities and donate to them.

Here’s what I did on a weekly basis:

Week 1: Organising, Researching and Brainstorming

Week 2: Wireframing and Designing

Week 3: Finishing design and Prototyping

Week 4: Back-end and Publishing

Blogs throughout the project:

Video documentations:

Final Design of the App:

I’ve published the app on Google Play Store. But the Google team is still reviewing it, once it gets done, you’ll see a link to play store right here!

Why I worked on this project?

You’ve seen the project, what I did and everything. But you might be wondering “So you designed an applicatoin. But why?”

I’ve already given a part of the answer — to create something that’s missing from the market, to create an app that allows people to explore different charities and donate to them.

But there’s an another part to this — to challenge myself, to test my abilities, to learn new tools and skills and to test my discipline to design and publish the app in 30 days.

It all started with good organisation. If I didn’t create an organisation system for myself, I’d get behind and this project might be incomplete.
Then I followed the trusty Design Thinking Process, and finished the design well within timeline. I even refined the process for this specific project.
Then I went on learning a new tool: Bravo Studio and worked on Back-end, something I have nearly zero experience in.

What’s next?

I had fun working on this project. It was challenging, exciting and fun at the same time. I even want to have a version two of this app where I add a feature that allows people to create their own accounts, and have payments within the application (right now it redirects to a Charity’s Payment gateway).
And, a page where people could view all their donations. I can even add a score and gamify donating to charities. The potential is limitless!

For now, I’m going to combine all my learnings from the last three months at Praxis, and last two years of my self-teaching, and create value in real companies. I’ll spend next few months trying to get a role at a business that needs me and an environment that I need!

If you like this project, or have anything else to say, reach out out to me at-






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